You might wonder why we named ourselves Long View Bits. Let’s start with the easy one: Bits is short for binary digits, which are the 1s and 0s that make up your computer data. It’s what we work with on a daily basis.

Now let’s talk Long View. This is the part in our name that is at the heart of our company

We’re constantly striving to look ahead, not just thinking about what we can do right now, but what we need to do in the long term to positively impact how your company uses technology and, ultimately, your business.

We’re able to do this by assembling teams that will best fit your situation and your needs. This allows us to remain nimble, keeping teams small when necessary or getting all hands on deck when a problem calls for it. As you can imagine, this keeps us highly productive and exceedingly efficient.

Our clients run the gamut, from technology companies that require cutting edge solutions to maintain their advantage, to companies that use technology as a tool to work efficiently.

We’ve done work we’re incredibly proud of for a number of clients,

We’re ready to help you take the long view.

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Aaron Kulbe


I can always come in, do the job and leave. But what I look for is a true partnership with clients. It helps me provide the kind of service I think they deserve. I know it’s what I expect from someone I hire.

Aaron Kulbe is the engineering mastermind behind Long View Bits. After seeing many companies struggle to keep their technology up and running, oftentimes getting an issue fixed but never realizing there’s an underlying problem. He knew he could offer services that focused on a better way of working, which included spending time getting to know the pain points and finding a permanent, customized solution for recurring IT complications.

That is how Long View Bits was born. Aaron is at his best when he’s tackling technology head-scratchers. He enjoys partnering with a company and its IT department, if there is one, making sure that the issue is analyzed from every angle. That’s the engineer’s mind at work and the kind of treatment you can expect from him.

Eric Dau


When someone, anyone, in Eric Dau’s circle—whether family member, friend, neighbor, colleague, client, an acquaintance’s cousin—has a computer issue, they call Eric because he is more than happy to take on any technology challenge.

From an early age, Eric was into computers. Not just a passing fascination, but an obsession that has turned into a an accomplished career. For more than 5 years, Eric has gained professional experience implementing and maintaining PCs in many different office environments. He lives for the challenge of devising long-term solutions for clients.

At Long View Bits, he specializes in remote and on-site troubleshooting, arming clients with a well-thought-out, customized plan that keeps a company’s network up and running.